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VO2 Sports & Fitness: Max Your Life  
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  Change your life forever
  Corporate Wellness: Health really is wealth.  

VO2 believes deeply in giving back to Nature and society. Our goal is wholeness of body, mind and spirit through Nature.

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Professionals today have no choice but to stay focused on their work, as that’s the only way they can deliver given the challenges of the times. Though in the process, his or her own health and wellness is neglected.

Our goal is to take these health concerns off the minds of busy people, and provide them with well-planned, personalized health and fitness routines.

Our services cater to corporate organizations of all sizes, educational and governmental institutions.

Employee Wellness Programs are essential to the long-term viability of all businesses. They reduce health care costs, absenteeism and result in improved productivity. After all healthy employees are happy employees.

We offer:

  • Fitness Center Staffing & Management
  • Web-based Programs
  • Equipment Procurement

Our Programs:


Group Classes:


Our Value-added services are:

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