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VO2 Sports & Fitness: Max Your Life  
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  Change your life forever
  The Management: Fitness is a way of life.  

VO2 believes deeply in giving back to Nature and society. Our goal is wholeness of body, mind and spirit through Nature.

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Manu M Manoj [Co-Founder & CEO]
Manu M Manoj [Co-Founder & CEO]

A visionary in the health and fitness industry. He plays an overarching leadership role in the growth of VO2.

He has health, fitness and wellness experience in the corporate, personal, commercial and medical fitness markets.

Manu has a master’s degree in Sports and Physical Education with majors in Exercise Physiology, Sports Management, Sports Training and Cricket. He also qualified for the prestigious ACE [American Council on Exercise] certification, when only a few had qualified from India. He is an ex-national level track and field athlete and a university cricketer.

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